We are working hard to build your trusted one-stop home maintenance services

We have brought together a highly experienced team of maintenance, commercial, marketing. It is surprising to see that the home care industry, which has existed since ancient times, still has large workplaces, low technology adoption rates and poor performance. Faced with the innovation of services. With the way the world is changing and demanding for the least, our daily services need a radical change from end-to-end experience. Dishes, grocery delivery, banking and more have already arrived. It is only clear that the home care services industry needs opportunities to create “new ways of working.” We understand that home care experience should make it easy, reliable, and affordable for professionals to handle electronic problems without having to worry. , We have come together with a highly experienced team of recovery, commercial, marketing (both digital and traditional). And technology professionals. With extensive local and global experience. Its sole purpose is to positively impact the home care industry.

We are working hard to build your trusted one-stop home maintenance services partner within your city so you have to look elsewhere. By constantly challenging the status quo and finding new ways to push boundaries, we want to eliminate some of the hassle of your daily life. Book a home service and give us the chance to make you happy! Deep freezers are something that needs immediate attention. Imagine that food is wasted. If you are a kitchen goddess who prepares for home gyms, sauces, and keeping them safe and freezing later. Or a regular culinary warrior who has reclaimed his freezer with a monthly supply – a deep freezer can lead to disaster! But no if you know that Mr. Appliances offers both emergency and day-to-day facilities. Mr. Appliances’ emergency service is available 24 hours a day. At an additional charge, your deep freezer will be attended to within 2 hours of your reservation. Same day facilities are also available at an additional charge, and if you book between 8am and 12pm, the technician will arrive at your doorstep. How do you talk about freezer repair in Dubai? It’s easy – book online or download our free iOS or Android mobile app and we’ll send you a trained technician to tackle all the deep freezer repair issues.

At Mr. Appliances, our technicians work from freezer to cooler, noisy freezers, and door shutters to starting or tripping machines, not closing ice and defrosting. They can deal with all kinds of leaks and even minor problems such as fused light bulbs or broken bulb switches. Mr. Appliances repairs deep freezers for most of the major brands sold and used in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, including Samsung, LG, Haier, Nikki, Davao, Super General, Hisense, Vispoint, Frigidaire, Hitachi, Bosch, Siemens, and the unit. Mr. Appliances ensures excellent work, prompt service, and reliable, professionally trained technicians – at affordable and affordable prices. We also provide you with cost estimates before work begins. Not a bad deal! At Mr. Appliances, we understand and appreciate the urgent need for deep freezer malfunctions, as it is important to streamline your daily schedules. With our Emergency and Day Facilities, we will make sure that everything that is frozen is kept frozen. Mr. Appliances is working hard to build your trusted one-stop home maintenance services partner in your city. So you have to look elsewhere.

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