We offer is a comprehensive suite of AC care and repair solutions highly experienced

At Mr. Appliance, we understand the importance of a fully functioning air-conditioning system in Dubai, where temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius during summer. We provide specialized AC service for residential and commercial locations in Dubai to ensure that our clients’ air conditioning units are functioning well throughout the year. We provide first-rate AC repair and maintenance at very competitive rates. Mr. Appliance is an advanced AC service provider that offers advanced care and repair solutions, at the cheapest rates today. Our company specializes in providing environmentally friendly solutions that aim to help our customers reduce energy consumption and electricity charges. The aircoozer technology we offer allows our customers to maximize the cooling power of their air conditioning unit without having to over-do the system. For Non-Chiller Air Conditioning Split Systems Designed, the aircrew combines its off-air air temperature with a point set on the thermostat, which prevents it from exceeding the room or inside the building. As a result, it is able to reduce energy costs by reducing the compressor’s working time.

Our eco-friendly AC services can help consumers reduce their cooling usage by up to 20% and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Highly Effective AC Care, Choose Mr. Appliance Regular A / C Maintenance. Keeping the air conditioning units in good shape helps identify potential problem areas quickly, and prevents them from generating major inconvenience and repair costs. Our company has a team of service and maintenance professionals who will thoroughly investigate your unit and identify the cause of the problem to determine the best possible solution; Air conditioner repair in Dubai ;. With the professional help of our staff, you can take advantage of time without having to re-run your air conditioning system Benefits Our field experts can help prevent system breakdowns and wear and tear by regular maintenance. Enjoy a highly efficient AC unit while indoors. Cool and refreshing peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning is in good working condition has a small environmental impact.

What we offer is a comprehensive suite of AC care and repair solutions highly experienced and well-trained technicians at affordable rates, quick response time to every customer call. We are a multicultural company looking to achieve common goals. Encourages diversity and originality in the workforce. Establishing a range of freely expressing different ideas to achieve a sustainable goal is essential to fostering a harmonious and acceptable working environment, which enables Mr. Appliance to embrace a variety of innovations. Have given. Oh It is our social responsibility and core belief to promote practical green practices in the daily lives of our clients. We strive to achieve this by sticking to our three key values. Efficiency: Improving the methodology to obtain the right technology and tools and to meet the special needs of our clients. Quality: By employing highly skilled technicians and training to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction at all times. Teamwork: By investing in our team and fostering a positive society in which all employees are able to contribute to their full potential and therefore share the same ideas, goals, and company benefits in the company’s development. Feel essential. Mr. Equipment is more than a green maintenance company. It promises to provide a high quality service that will help make the world a better green house at one time.

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